Layout cant publish

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CMS Version

Version 2.3.0

Player Type


Player Version

windows 2 R254.1-254


my layout already tick and valid. i use this layout before this nothing problem. all working. but today when i about to edit it, it cannot publish. “layout not found”. i never encounter this problem before.i use this layout for about 1 years++. but why today it become problem ?

This is an old bug, you will need to copy the layout which will then make the ‘copy’ available to you. Then delete the original.

I would suggest upgrading to the latest 2.3 which would be 2.3.13 CMS release to benefit from all bug and security fixes.

and then how to paste it? u mean i need to re arrange the copied layout to the scheduler again ?

You will need to re-schedule the copied layout.

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