Layout and Media page

Xibo 1.8.6, not the latest one but I haven’t seen anything about this topic.

If I go to the Layout and Media page, there’s a call which downloads 15MB of data to show 170 rows.
It’s a problem for remote users…

The call is this:

As a comparation, Media page, for 58 rows, downloads 100KB

It is still like that in 1.8.10 ie it loads everything on the page visit.

However, we will aim to change it in 1.8.11 - basically make it load only the number of rows requested (10 by default), issue here -

I’m talking about the “All Layouts and Media” page, accessed using the url /dashboard/media.
The problem is not the paging, the size of that page is 100x bigger than Layout or Media pages, even if it shows only some text.