Launchpad doesn't show all translatable lines

The German translation is nearly finished, but I’ve noticed lines scattered throughout the CMS that are not included in launchpad. Those lines (Mostly descriptors, for example on the configuration pages) are also not available on the Spanish launchpad translation. I suppose these lines are either hardcoded or in some way not linked to .po files.

If the remaining lines can be linked up with launchpad, I would happy to translate them so that our users can get the full experience in their language.

See example:

Those are values are directly from the database, to be fair the setting’s names are also strings in database, but the checked/unchecked values cannot be added to translations in the same way.

I’m afraid it will need to stay like that in 1.8 series.

In 2.0 there will be some big changes coming, one of which will also address the current settings page to make it a) clearer and more user friendly b) all strings can be translated.

I hope that leaving the checked/unchecked as they are will not cause you too much problems.

I get that those values are database strings, what I was actually referring to was the text beneath checked/unchecked, the descriptors…