Large Media File


We want to upload large media file for example 1.5GB+. After about 30 minutes while uploading process contuinue, user login page appears and file doesn’t upload. What can we do for solving this problem ?


You can try to extend your PHP session time, edit following line in php.ini:

In general that should not happen, we are aware of this bug, it will be fixed in the next versions, as a work around for now, you can open the CMS in other tab in your browser and every few minutes click on something/navigate to different page. This way your session won’t end before the upload is completed.

Hi Peter,

We increased session.gc_maxlifetime and the above problems did not repeat but there is “abort” error. After the video has finished uploading, this error(abort) appears and there isn’t video in media.


Hi Peter,

I am also facing same issue… Were you able to resolve it?