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Hej guys

I am not that familar with XIBO. I am searching around quite a lot but did not get the information I want to have. I might search with the wrong values.

I need to know if I can publish content directly from a network resource or if I need to upload the content to the CMS to become able to publish it.

Goal is, that my users can copy their stuff to the network share and XIBO is display that content without uploading it to server itself. Is this supported?

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The answers is…you can do both really, in most cases that is - depends on what kind of ‘stuff’ you have in mind.

The most common route is to upload content to the CMS, put in on a layout and schedule layout to players.

Although you can use, for example, local video module that would point to a fully qualified path to the video stored on the network (assuming that device has access to it of course) or on the local player storage.

some files can also be put in an iframe in embedded html module (src of an iframe pointing to fully qualified path to the file)

That being said it would be best to use CMS to well…manage the content :slight_smile:

Hello Peter,

thank you so much for your answer. But not sure if I got it.

What we want, is, that our users can put their Powerpoint presentation to a network path and this content will be displayed on a screen without being uploaded to the server. The best for us would be to automate the process that we as IT dept are not really involved once the setup is built.

Is there an how to to get those in place?

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