Items in Windows Event list

we have one Long time Server/Client (on the same machine) running. Works well, but sometimes we have a black Screen and have to restart the Computer.

in the Event list you can read a lot of warnings and Errors:

TIMESTAMP with implicit DEFAULT value is deprecated. Please use --explicit_defaults_for_timestamp server option (see documentation for more details).

InnoDB: Table xibo/xmdsnonce in the InnoDB data dictionary has tablespace id 84, but tablespace with that id or name does not exist. Have you deleted or moved .ibd files? This may also be a table created with CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE whose .ibd and .frm files MySQL automatically removed, but the table still exists in the InnoDB internal data dictionary.

NOTHING else is running on this machine. Today we made an update to 1.7.3 (Server and Client) and will watch this Problem.

Hi Walter,

Both of those errors are from MySQL so they shouldn’t be the cause of the player crashing.
There is high chance that the player crash was memory related and solved in 1.7.3
As for the second error if you didn’t move/delete .ibd files then it is indeed troublesome, we didn’t encounter this kind of error before.

Please let us know how 1.7.3 will work out for you.


we did not delete or move any file…we only had a look on the Event list to see if there is some Suggestion and there we saw the warnings and Errors.

We will watch the System and Report to you

Greetings from Austria