Issues with Ticker and cache not being writeable

We have been having issues with tickers not appearing for a while now so my boss upgraded to 1.7.2 but we are still not seeing the ticker. That is when he handed the issue over to me to try and resolve. Please bear with me as he is the only person who has worked on this system until an hour ago.

When I looked at the layout, there was an error in the ticker region. The error states: "c:\xibo_library_170/cache is not writeable. Make sure you’ve set the correct relative or absolute path, and that the location is server-writable."
I have checked the permissions on the folder itself and all objects have modify or higher rights. The fact that the path has forward and back slashes seems to be wrong, but without any experience I am not sure.

The Library Location is currently set to: C:\XIBO_LIBRARY_170\

Where should I be checking the access rights for the cache?
Thank you.

What webserver are you using?

The server is Windows 2012 R2 and we are running IIS 8

That might be of use. IIS itself can prevent the webserver from writing files, even if the filesystem would allow it.

Likely however that your webserver’s user doesn’t have write permission to c:\XIBO_LIBRARY_170 and all subfolders.

I have granted modify rights to the library folder (and subfolders) for the server$ account as well as the DefaultAppPool but still no luck. IISUsers already had modify rights.

Is there any concern over the path containing a backslash followed by a forward slash just prior to the cache folder name?

I don’t think so - I think PHP should collapse that, but I may be wrong

After a lot more testing and playing around, the issue actually seems to be related to the marquee effect. I had assumed the cache error was the cause but now I know that is not the case, it is a separate issue. While this is not resolved yet, it does not seem to be affecting the system.

I will put in a new topic for the marquee issue.

Thank you for the help.