Issues with 2.1.1 - Need Help

I am having issues playing my layout after updating my CMS and players. Everything migrated just fine but now it is stuck on the splash screen and will not play a layout even when I schedule it.

Steps I have taken:

  • removed displays and reauth
  • unscheduled layouts and then scheduled

It seems as if the player will download assets and then stop

My profile says to collect at 1 min intervals, I changed it from 5 min

Anybody have any thoughts?

Thank you for your message and welcome to the Xibo Forum! Please provide more information about your issue, for example:

  • What version did you upgrade to?
  • What Player version are you using?
  • Are the Layouts showing as valid in the Layouts view?
  • If you are using Version 2 of CMS, are the Layouts showing a status of Published?
  • If you check the Logs menu in your CMS, are you seeing any errors for your Display?

Many Thanks.