Issues on get Tags api in Xibo 2.3.5


when using the endpoint /tag to get informations about the tags available, I noticed that:

  • the options doesn’t comeback as an array of strings, but, as a string that need to be parsed to become an array (see sample under)
  • the information about the items that uses this tags never get back (layouts, playlists, campaigns, medias and displaygroups always get back as empty strings, even when there are objects associated to that tag). I tried using the embed param (to make sure that isn’t just a documentation missing), but is doesn’t seen to solve the issue.

Sample Answer
“tagId”: 50,
“tag”: “TagChoice”,
“isSystem”: 0,
“isRequired”: 1,
“options”: “[“Choice1”,” Choice2"," Choice3"]",
“layouts”: [],
“playlists”: [],
“campaigns”: [],
“medias”: [],
“displayGroups”: []

Hi there,

It does indeed seem like loading the objects is missing, I’ve logged an issue for it here -

Thank you for your report

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