Issue with REPLACE feature

Hi all,

Here is the deal. I have a display in the lobby of a small hotel. I have been using Xibo for years for simple things, but now I want to update an “agenda board” every day. We are creating the agenda in PPT and exporting it as JPG for display in Xibo. I have 7 layouts defined for this, one for each day of the week. The idea is that we’ll just go in and “replace” the monday jpg on, say, Tuesday, so it’s ready to run the following Monday (since every monday won’t be the same thing).

The problem is that after choosing REPLACE in the layout, it updates, but when I go back to “edit timeline”, I still see the old layout. So, from the layouts list, if I select one and choose “Preview layout”, I see the correct thing. But if I select one and choose “EDIT TIMELINE”, I still see the old, original image there.

Can anyone tell me what is going on here and why Xibo would be behaving this way?

It could be cache related, after replacing an image on the library page with update in all layouts checkbox, you’d expect to see the new image in the layout designer/preview.

Could you confirm for me the CMS version you have?

I’m using the hosted service. So, I assume the latest stable version. 1.8.10