Issue with ianw/quickchart

Hi All,

I upgraded to 2.2.1 a couple weeks back and I just noticed that I’m having some issues with the new ianw/quickchart container. It will not start and is continually in a restart state. When I pull the logs, I get:
yarn run v1.19.1
$ node index.js
error Command failed with signal “SIGSEGV”.
info Visit for documentation about this command.

I noticed this after my CMS instance was completely unresponsive this morning (a restart cleared it up, but I fear it will continue).


I am having the same problem! Restart made it work but we use this daily so coming into it not working in the morning was not good!

In the console the same error repeats.

I also get “xibo_cms-quickchart exited with code 1”

Please can I have an update on this. Most mornings I have to restart the server to get it to work.

I have had to restart several times since as well. Any ideas here?

Thanks for your messages.

We don’t make the quickchart software, so you’ll need to report any issues with it directly to that project:

If the latest version doesn’t work for you, then you can work around by pinning to an older version by editing your docker-compose file and on the image line change

    image: ianw/quickchart


    image: ianw/quickchart:v1.2.0

Which is the previous version. You’ll need to up containers afterwards to apply that.

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