Issue when switching to new presentation

When i have 3 presentations and each of them has more items in the timeline of the regeon i have a problem when the new presentation starts.

The first presentation starts there are 3 regeons all of them have 3 items in the time line and the time is set to 10 sec. for all items. So the presentations will be 30sec.

When the 30 sec. are done and the new presentation will be started it wil show the first item in the regeon before switching to the second presentation.

Where does that come from? Why doent it stay on the last item in the presentation because that item will be the last to show.

I hope we can do something about it.

What CMS and player versions are you using please?

By ‘presentation’ I assume you mean layout?

Are those 3 layouts in a campaign scheduled to your player or are they scheduled as a separate events at the same time?

i’m sorry forgot to give that information

I’m working with xibo 1.7.6
windows players

The presentations is indeed an layout.
And they are scheduled separete and not in an campain.

It could be good to upgrade the CMS to 1.7.9 and confirm the issue persists there.

If those layouts are scheduled at the same time, to make the schedule page clearer you could consider creating a campaign with those 3 layouts and schedule campaign as a single event to the display (removing the separate events that you currently have).

Of course if those layout have different timeframes in which they should be displayed, but only overlap at a certain hours, then separate events are completely fine as well.

I have also an installation with 1.7.9 and have the same problems.
I had put some layouts in a campaign and then the flow is better. But most of the laytous have there own start and end date.

If you can give layouts within an campaign there own start and end date we have a solution but why should it not work with singel layouts.

Also i have tried to give the layouts a own order but that did not do the trick.

The problem is still there.
When a layout is done and it should start the next layout it wil show the first picture of the layout that is finished and then move over to the next.

This is on a windows player.