Issue scheduling

I am trying to schedule a layout to a device however it comes back with an error (shown below) - however this is nowhere to enter a “from date”?

I was able to recreate this issue, although I’d say it’s rather specific and I had to really do it on purpose.

Basically if you enter number of hours and click ‘Save’ pretty much in the same second then it will display this error.

If you’d enter the number of hours and wait about a second or mouse click outside of that field it will display something like:

Once that text about event is there (blue background) you can click save and it will be fine.

Out of curiosity what browser do you use?
Perhaps it’s easier to break it in other browser than chrome.

Ha! What are the chances! I’m using Chrome - I’ve managed to get round it by using the schedule option at the top of the side menu instead :slight_smile: