Issue finding docker media directory

Hi all,

So i made the upgrade fine. I figured out that plesk doesn’t support docker compose and if i try run docker-compose with the centos it wont work. After talking with my provider they told me it wont support docker compose so just build the docker containers manually so i did. MySql, Xibo XMR and i populated the new database with 1.7.8 data and ran the upgrade steps without issue. everything works fine.

I uploaded a test image and it worked fine, i can see the thumbnail. Then when i searched my server for the file so i could be sure of the directory i couldn’t find it anywhere. My docker volume mapping hasn’t changed. It points to var/www/cms but when i look at var/www/cms there is nothing there. I am so confused. It uploads and works, and exists somewhere on the server but i cant search for it or find it in any directory.

Is there a particular location that docker stores its files that i dont know about? :tired_face:


CMS library in docker is in /shared/cms/library (in the path where you’ve installed your CMS).