Is xibo something for me?

first of all, I’m a hardware man. The software man is no longer employed and the boss thinks I can do it all… right :frowning: I know my basics, that’s it.
I have the task to inform people visiting with announcements of events coming. Boss thinks it’s great to show that on some kind of tv where everyone enters.
It looks like xibo needs php. Ok, I have a synology nas with php 5.6 etc. Is this sufficient? Wil xibo work alongside it? If that’s a no, I need to look further.
Hoping previous answer is a yes, let me continue. So I have a google calendar that is displayed on a website, Can Xibo read such ical things and display them? Would save a lot of time :slight_smile:
Tnx for answering my questions in advance.
If all previous answers are yes, I’ll probably have more trying to get it all to work :wink:

It might, you should perhaps just try it and see for yourself.

As an alternative you can use paid hosting, like the one Spring Signage (project sponsors) offer -
that will work without problems and you will have our support regarding your CMS.

Regarding google calendar, if it will be shared and set to public then it should work in webpage / embedded html modules in Xibo.