Is this possible?

Dear Forum,
We are running a small digital signage network using Xibo and we got an unusual request: one ot the user wishes to be able to control the content, scheduling and aspects of his digital signage box though access to the servers interface, which contains other DS clients as well.
The question is whether this is possible in Xibo: that is, limit the scope of a since user in order to allow him to control ONLY the digital signage boxes he/she runs and nobody else’s.

Is this possible? Please share your thoughts. Which applications should be allowed in order to allow the user to have full access to their materials but at the same time prevent the user from damaging settings/layouts or scheduling of other users.

Thank you,
Ted Tsoiukas

Yes, Its possible. Create a new user and assign them view/edit permission to only that display.

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ksainc is indeed correct, you can use the Permissions and Page security settings to define what menu options a User can see, edit and delete as well as for Displays, media and Layouts. If you would like a set of Users to have specific options and Displays that they can View and Edit, you could create a User Group, apply those Permissions to that Group and add all Users to that Group to ensure they all share the same options.

Here is a link to the Permissions documentation, which will help to understand how you can set this up:

Many Thanks.