Is there an ability to trigger another app from player for x duration and then switch back to xibo

Hi there

I have been using the xibo cms and player for Windows from last few days. It is amazing what all i get out of the box.
I have a specific question about something i want to achieve with xibo.
In addition to scheduling media is there a way to trigger another Windows application from xibo client.
Basically i want the playlist to look like
Media 1 60 sec
Media 2 60 sec
Media 3 60 sec
Triggermyapp.bat/exe/shell(i want xibo to let my app draw over xibo for alloted time)
Media 4 60 sec

Is there a way to do this with xibo? I imagine that i would have to use some generic file ?

Myapp is an interactiveGame that is made up of live animations that can run inside a game engine. So i cannot schedule that as media.

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