Invalid media - not always the same

we have a problem on our list of players. Sometimes it happens that one media is not loaded at all and the player said that it is invalid.

In xibi library that content is not downloaded.

In other player with same configuration that media works without problems.

Is there any reason for this behaviour?

We use 1.7.7

Bye and thanks.

What kind of content is it, normal media? (images / video?)

If it wasn’t downloaded yet, then it will be invalid, perhaps your player just haven’t got time to download it?
If it’s regarding videos, then perhaps you have blacklist videos enabled in display profile? If it fails for whatever reason, then it won’t be loaded again.

I assume it’s Windows client, is it displayed on status screen with 0%? Does it say that it has some files to download?

Side note - it would be good to use 1.7.9 CMS and players.

The problem happens with images and video.

We have many layouts with content that are taken from the same library. In some players (and in some layouts) the content is downloaded and used while in other ones not.

We have different cases pressing ‘i’. An image, for example, is with 0% indicator. A video deleted it is continuosly requested and another one is not in the list (while in some other player it is downlaoded and used).

We are on Windows 7.


Right, could you perhaps show us a screenshot of status window on the player with this issue please?

Are there any media files assigned directly to your displays perhaps?

Just a minute that i get images from the players

Hi Peter,
doing some more analysis we found a strange thing. From the timeline view, one media is not present because it was correctly deleted but checking the xml value in the layout table. it is still present. I think that this is the reason of the problem. How is it possible this mismatch?


Could you check schedule.xml and see if the dependencies listed there are correct? (it should be in the player’s library folder)

Is it scheduled layout? If so, could you edit and save it please (on Schedule page).

Hi Peter, thanks for your support. Yesterday we needed to solve the problem so I edited the sml value in the database. Now the problem is solved.

We had another problem related to one image. Its dimension was too big for the region. I though that the image was resized automatically but in order to solve the problem we had to resize it offline and then uploaded again on cms.

Bye and thanks again.

Ok, I’m glad it’s working for you now! :slight_smile: