Invalid layouts when updating media

Hi All,

We are running Xibo 1.7.8. We change our media quite often, and sometimes, we get the next message in the log:
Cannot set the next Layout from the Schedule. Schedule Invalid

We don’t change the layouts, we change the media inside them, and it looks like this is causing the issue.
The only way to solve this is copying the layout and assign the new one to the devices.

Thanks in advance,

So, when you update/change/add media files to a layout that’s currently being displayed - it may show this message, although it should then download new files and go back to the layout.

I assume you do all of that on the default layout?

That’s we recommend the default layout to be something very simple, not often changed and then to schedule more complex layout to your displays.

It would be also recommended to use 1.7.9 CMS and player versions.

Hi Peter,

Exactly, we change the media in the default layouts.

The devices download the new media, but sometimes, some layouts remain invalid.
Is not operative for us to schedule layouts because we have like 500 devices, and many of them, like 300, have a specific layout for each device (these layouts share the media,they only are different in a region that contain an specific url for each device).

Do you think that if we upload to CMS 1.7.9 it will solve this issue?