Invalid layout shown

If invalid layouts does not play, shouldn’t they be excluded from lists while creating schedulers.

Well, you do not want to have any invalid layouts anyway, so it’s imperative to make sure all layouts are valid.

Invalid layout will not be displayed, which means either skipped if there are other layouts scheduled or the default layout will be shown, alternatively if the default layout is invalid then splash screen will be displayed.

There is layout status in Layouts page, which should help identify invalid layout before they are scheduled (X in status).

Hmm… sounds like a request for a document approval system. But I’m not sure how that could be implemented within the current Xibo architecture.

If a layout must be valid at the moment it’s added to a schedule, then it must be locked to prevent future edits that might invalidate it. Not only the layout, but also its regions and all media used in the layout must be locked. Since it’s possible that media is used on multiple layouts, locking the layout would make it necessary to create a read-only copy of those media.

But then how to revise a layout? Unschedule / edit / schedule ? - maybe too complex. Copy / edit / swapout old for new in the schedule might be better.

Hmm… this is something that needs to be very well thought out.

In 1.8 series, you can schedule an invalid layout but it won’t be sent to the Player to be played.

As soon as it’s edited to become valid, it will then be added in to the schedule automatically.

It’s handy if you have an announcements layout for example, and you have no announcements and therefore leave a region empty, it will be removed from the rotation until you add something, and then it will go back in rotation.

If you did the same in 1.7, the layout would still be pushed down to the Player, which would then raise an error and log it back to the CMS - which is fine, but not very efficient!