Introduction to Xibo in the Cloud


Xibo in the Cloud

Xibo in the Cloud is a platform from Spring Signage places your Xibo CMS in our Cloud, giving you a professionally managed service directly from the Xibo project authors.

Why the Cloud?

The Xibo Content Management System (CMS) is a web application that needs certain web technologies in order to function. These are the same technologies that power most websites and can be complicated to get configured and maintain.

Broadly speaking the following components are required for a Xibo CMS installation:

  • Web Server (Apache, nginx, IIS, etc)
  • PHP 5.3.3 or later
  • MySQL
  • SSL (preferred not required)
  • Domain Name
  • Backup Solution
  • Secure library folder
  • Xibo software (ideally the latest releases)

We do all we can to make our Hosting smooth and efficient while remaining as low-cost as possible. We wrote the software, we know how to host it and keep it ticking over.

Our Cloud platform has all of the components required and some additional benefits:

  • Tried and tested platform that is growing daily
  • Support from Spring Signage
  • Choice of locations
  • Fully automated backup solution
  • SSL enabled as standard for all accounts
  • Xibo CMS maintenance enabled by default
  • Add more display slots, bandwidth or storage quickly and with no
  • Add a new CMS and manage it from the same customer portal
  • Upgrade with a click of a button (upgrades are managed in the
    customer portal)

Where are your servers?

Our platform is growing daily and we are adding new serves and locations as accounts are created. We currently have servers in 3 locations:

  • London, UK
  • New York, USA
  • Singapore

What domain names can I use?

We offer you a choice from these 4 domain names:

Alternatively we also offer the opportunity to run with your own domain.

  • The domain must be solely for use by our platform.
  • We will provide a SSL certificate for all instances on that domain.
  • We will redirect WWW and mail at the DNS level to an IP of your
  • Domain Registration is done by you and the domain name servers are
    pointed to us.
  • Please open a ticket for current pricing

When a custom domain has been configured the option to select that domain while starting a new instance will automatically become available in the domain name select list.

Why are accounts limited by the number of Displays?
Unfortunately we have to set storage and bandwidth limits on each account, but we wanted our limits to be realistic. The display limit gives us a sensible way to calculate the other limits, making sure that you as a customer don’t hit those limits under normal usage.

What Displays can I connect?
Any Xibo Display Client can be connected to a CMS hosted with us - Windows and Android - and you can mix and match. If you want to use Xibo for Android you will still need to purchase a licence for each display you install the software on.

Where is the User Manual?
The Xibo Project documentation can be found in the Xibo Manual which takes you through connecting your first display in the Windows Client Installation Guide. If you are considering using Xibo for Android, the installation guide can be found here

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