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Rel 3 R304


I have scheduled an always on layout with a playlist of various media files. I have also scheduled an interrupt layout with a 10% SOV. This appears to be working great! Every few mins the interrupt layout kicks in and plays content then the always on layout resumes playback.

My question is around configuring the interrupt layout correctly. I have a library of media files that are tagged, e.g. “Promo”. The layout consists of a dynamic playlist that uses this tag to identify the pool of content that should be played back during the interrupt cycles. I have set the max number of items to 1 in the dynamic playlist. However, each interrupt cycle only plays back the first item that has the correct tag vs. playing different media files that have the correct tag during each of the interrupt cycles.

I know I’m probably missing something easy since it looks like I’m very close to achieving what I set out to do. Feedback/input appreciated.

I tested with 4 media files (15 secs each in duration) with the Promo tag and changed the max number of items for the dynamic playlist to 4. When the Interrupt Layout is triggered, all 4 media files are played sequentially.

Ideally, I’d like to only have one of the media files randomly played when the interrupt layout is triggered. This would require the interrupt layout to be triggered more frequently per hour to reach the 10% SOV. Is this possible?

Hi, thanks for posting. We have looked into this further and discovered an issue:

This has now been patched to Cloud, any existing Layouts will need to be re-published to get the applied update in order to work correctly.

With regards to your second question, you can enable cycle based playback for Sub-Playlist and set the Play count to 1 and then tick the Random Widget option:

Thanks @natasha. I made the changes and the random playback of the interrupt layout appears to be working correctly.

However, it doesn’t look like the main layout/playlist is being interrupted during the playback. Instead, it looks like the layout/playlist runs for its full duration, then the interrupt layout/playlist is played multiple times depending on the SOV pct. My expectation is that the main layout/playlist would be interrupted during playback at the end of a media file playback and before the next media file in the playlist.

My scenario is:

  • 6 1/2 min main layout/playlist. Each media file is either 30 secs or 60 secs.
  • Interrupt layout/playlist with 4 media files each at exactly 15 secs.
  • Interrupt layout/playlist configured as above.
  • SOV is set to 25%

At the end of each playback of the main layout/playlist, the Interrupt layout/playlist is triggered 8-9 times. Is there a config option that is keeping the main layout/playlist from being interrupted mid-cycle or is this the behavior that should be expected?

Update - By changing the sub-playlist in the main layout to cycle based playback with 1 for the play count, the interrupt layout will be triggered more frequently. This looks like a work around vs. the interrupt layout breaking in during the middle of a running playlist in the main layout.

That is the correct behaviour, it will intersperse as needed between layouts but it won’t stop a layout and then resume it.

If your main layout is very long then you would see a block of interrupts together in order to meet the SoV criteria set.

I will update the manual page to reflect that so as to not cause further confusion.

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