Interrupt feature is not functioning as expected

Hi guys,
CMS 2.3.3 and player v2 r254.1
My default layout is 60sec in total and i have two interrupt layouts scheduled (10sec each).
If i give 160sec share of the voice for the first interrupt layout, the player displays this layout 3 times (layout has only one media item with duration of 10sec) before jumping back to the default layout.

if i want my interrupt layout to be shown only once after the default layout,
how do i achieve it?

If i want to display my default layout twice before showing the interrupt layout once, how do i achieve this?

The goal is to show the interrupt layout only once, not twice or three times.


Interrupt doesn’t allow you to precisely define where the interrupt comes in relation to other things.

All you are controlling is the number of seconds in an hour that the interrupt is shown for. The Player will work out what it needs to do to fulfil that.

If you want to precisely control the rotation of layouts, then put them in a campaign and schedule the campaign and then they will show exactly as you sequence them there.

It’s worth noting that if you schedule an interrupt to start “now” - ie part way through an hour - then the Player will show the interrupt almost continuously initially as it needs to catch up to where it should be in the current hour. “Normal” behaviour will start at the top of the next hour.

Thanks Alex! :slight_smile:
Very much appreciated!

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