Intermittent formatting of content issue

Hi all

I seem to be having an issue that is affecting all of our Windows Xibo clients on a random and intermittent basis.
The formatting of the content appears to be skewed or not displayed correctly.

The only thing I can put it down to at this stage is that the issue is caused by the TV screen being switched off for some time which causes something to go wrong with the resolution. I’m finding that the Xibo client is not able to tolerate this happening (i am only speculating here).

The image is a photo taken of a screen that was turned on after it had been switched off for a couple of days. Instead of the video showing it just displays an “audio equalizer bar” and the formatting of the layouts has changed.

I am able to fix the issue by either just restarting the Xibo client/reboot the PC. Sometime it takes 1 or 2 reboots for it to display 100% correctly. Failing that I have to delete the Xibo Library folder so it re-downloads everything from the CMS. It will continue to operate fine for some time however the issue will pop back up again in the near future.

The issue appears to be happening with both Xibo client’s running 1.7.4 and 1.7.5.

Has anyone else experienced the sporadic and intermittent issue or have any recommendations on how to fix it?


Hi Brady

You might try fixing the player size in the Display Setting profile you’ve assigned to that Player in the CMS. That will force the player to remain at a fixed size even if the screen resolution on the PC changes (if for example it were rebooted while the TV was off).

Thanks Alex

It appears that the issue has now limited itself to only a couple of the displays now that we have upgraded the clients to version 1.7.15. I have a feeling that the issue may now come down to an issue with the OS on the PC itself as the other displays haven’t had an issue since. I’ll do a rebuild on these dodgy ones and see how it goes from there.


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