Intergration with SolarWinds

Has anyone ever integrated this with SolarWinds? Hoping to pull data to display.

yes I got this working. I realize this is an old posting, but for anyone new it is possible.

How did you intergrate this with solarwinds? any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

create your noc views in SolarWinds, then setup your layouts, for your layouts, select web, then under link paste the link in there. Under Options, you want it to “Open Natively”.

Make sure your computer can access the server you have Xibo running on, also I tested the other “options” and they do not work. I am currently on version 1.7.9

Let me know if you need help on the NOC views. I did a really cool one where it shows the weather over our area. We have 5 locations near the great lakes.

If you need more assistance, let me know.

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