Interactive actions on higher layers do not work

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Version 3.0.3

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The idea was to create buttons with which the displayed content can be changed (back and forth). The function of the buttons works as long as the layer of the corresponding layouts is set to 0, but then the layouts are overlaid (no longer visible). In order for these buttons to be visible, I have set the corresponding layouts to layer 1, but then the “button” function no longer works.

In the CMS simulation, everything works perfectly - but not on the player.

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Hi phsch019, welcome to the community!

Can you provide exported copies of your layouts in a private message so I can test them? I was a little unsure from the details in your message how to replicate your issue and whether you have set actions on the region or the widget within it?

Many Thanks.

Hi DanBW, I would like to send you a private message, but unfortunately it doesn’t work (maybe because you are staff, I don’t know).

Hi phsch019,

The developers have been looking at the issues with your layout and located 2 bugs. You can use the links below to track their progress:

Thank you very much for opening a post about this and for providing your layout for testing, this was a difficult issue to replicate. Both fixes will be applied to a future release of the Xibo for Windows player. When the player is released it will be announced on the blog.

Many Thanks.

Hi DanBW,

many thanks to you and your team, i am looking forward to try my layouts in the next release of xibo player!

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