Installing CMS on IIS7 as an additional site

I am not sure if I am doing something wrong…but when trying to install the latest CMS onto my web server, the automatic install wizard is not appearing when I navigate to the folder location.

I am am adding a site and giving it a specific domain, copying the folder unzipped contents to it and then navigating to it.

After a bit of settings changing, I can browse the site on the web… but it just shows the contents and no wizard runs?

I have a website which runs through IIS anyway and I don’t want to put it in that folder, as it is to be a standalone hosted CMS purely for my own use on a signage network.

Can anyone help…what am I doing wrong?!

Perhaps have a look here
and when you are done with the above, here:

Thanks Peter, but I have followed each of those…and it is not working

If you see the index.php file but it’s not loading then you don’t have PHP enabled on your site. You need to go and setup the handler for PHP on that site per the guide (the guide does it for the Default Site only).

Failing that, we don’t recommend or test with IIS. If you want support for getting PHP running on an IIS server there will be more appropriate resources out there to help you do that. Once you have PHP running properly on your site then we can help you install Xibo if you have problems following the guide.

Thank you Alex, this makes lots of sense to me and I will go and investigate that side of things. I’ll let you know how I get on, Much appreciated!!