Installing CMS on a windows 10 computer

Hello, I have a windows 10 computer that I am trying to install Xibo on, I did this a couple years ago, but now I need to install it on a newer computer, but I see that Xibo and docker have been combined, but the direction you have on your website are still for the older Xibo with Docker separate. Is there a page that shows the install procedure for windows 10, and Docker and Xibo combined. Any Help would be appreciated.

Hello and welcome to the Community.

All of our installation guides can be found in our Administrator manual. We do have a guide for Xibo for Docker on Windows 10 64 bit here

Hello Natasha, I saw that guide, but the first thing it show is to share the local drive and it show a picture of what it should look like, that is not what the new Xibo and docker combo has, there is know share local drive.

As this is not per our recommendation, as we recommend installing with Docker on Linux, this guide is no longer subject to updating by ourselves. Contributions from the community to update where necessary would be welcomed.

I will ensure that a note is added to this page to avoid future confusion.

Thank you