Installing a Xibo Display

I am having trouble setting up the client on a PC to act as the display,
I’m new to Xibo so have a fairly limited knowledge of how it works.
I have put in the CMS address of the PC that runs the CMS which is (example) and the key that I was provided with when I installed the CMS.
The problem I have is that when I click save the status says: 'The request failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found.'
No displays are showing in the CMS.

If it helps both the client and CMS are installed on machines with Windows 7 Pro 64Bit
The client and CMS version is 1.7.4

Also there is no proxy

The CMS address that you need to enter in client settings is the same as the address you are using to log in to the CMS in your browser (address of your CMS installation on your server).
Are you sure that it is just the ip address and not ip address/xibo for example?

It can only be that the address is not accessible/incorrect

As for secret key, yes you saw it during installation and it can be found on settings page in CMS.

Thanks for your reply, i have tried it with adding the /xibo and get the same error message

The other thing is that if I open the admin page on MySQL in XAMPP, although I set it up ok, it now comes up with error: ‘Cannot connect: invalid settings’. However I can log into CMS without issue

If you can log into the CMS you should be able to copy/paste that link (without the index.php) into the Player Settings.

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That has sorted out the problem and I have now been able to add a display, thanks for your help

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