Installation Trouble - Status Check list blank

I am installing Xibo after using XAMPP to install Apache, MySQL, and PHP. All of these pre-installs are working.

Started going through the steps to install the CMS and on the first page, where requirements are checked, the status section is completely blank.

XAMPP v5.6.28
Windows 2012 R2
Verified that PHP is working

Which version of the CMS?

It was the latest version available for download: 1.7.9

I have found and fixed the problem. Incase anyone else runs into the same issue.


  • Installed latest version of Xibo/PHP 5.x.x/MySQL/phpmyadmin/IIS/Windows server 2012 r2
  • Running Xibo install, first page, check requirements - no check mark, x, or anything - just blank


  • I am new to Windows server 2012.
  • Was not aware of the added security on the IE browser
  • Had to go to Server Manager/Local Server/IE Enhanced Security Config
  • And turn it off

Sorry, it has been a while since I did an install on Windows Server. I should of cautioned you to go through the setup in Google Chrome.