Install problem on localhost


I just downloaded version 1.8.10 and wanted to install to my localohost where version 1.8.9 is working perfect.
So, I have chosen c:xampp/htdocs/xibo1810 as install folder.
Extracted all the files there, and went via the browser to http://localhost/xibo1810/web
Is keeps giving me a 500 internal server error.
So, I tried to upload to my webhosting server, but the same problem occures.
For testing I have done exactly the same with version 1.8.9 and this doesn’t give any problems. Not locally, nor on the external server.
Is this a known issue, maybe a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Hope to hear from you,

Regards, Peter

Please see
along with the Environment / XMR / XTR links on the left there.

You should not be accessing your CMS via /web in the URL, that implies incorrect configuration, please do check the environment link in the manual for more details.

I don’t think anything changes in how that suppose to work between 1.8.9->1.8.10.

If you want to upgrade existing installation then please see -

Still, the first point should be to correctly configure environment and XTR (tasks) as that’s really necessary.