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I am new to Xibo, so I apologize for any nonsense questions. I am still trying to wrap my head around how Xibo works.

I am starting of with a very simple layout design which consists of the main window and a footer. The idea of this design is to have the footer display weather and a clock. The main windows needs to display a message, slideshow, PowerPoint presentation.

The problem that I am having is when the timeline resets the entire screen refreshes. Is there a way I can have the footer to always stay on without refreshing?

I am running Version 2.3.7

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hello datzent83

welcome to the comunity.
i would suggest you to set a duration for the footer. It is measured in seconds so a whole day is about 86400 sec.
Running completly without refreshing would not make sence since the weather needs some updates.
hope that helps.


As masterbug says, this can be controlled with the duration of widgets, there is a guide here that explains duration further: Understanding Media duration and how it affects playback

The Weather widget has a an ‘Update Interval’ setting which you can set to determine how often you want weather information updated. The Widget will refresh when the entire Layout reloads; after the Region with the longest duration will end.

You could use the Overlay Layout functionality and create two Layouts, one to be schedule as an ‘Overlay’ which will contain the Clock and Weather widgets as your footer, to sit on top of your normal scheduled Layouts which will display the content underneath.

We have a couple of courses that may be of interest to you as a new user of Xibo, these are available from our online training school and contain free introductory courses: Xibo Signage Online Training

Documentation to help you here:

User Manual

Administration Manual

And a very knowledgeable and friendly community who can help you on your journey :smile:

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