Inconsistent dates shown in calendar events

If i create an event, the dates are not consistent in the calendar. I have event, and the time in the calendar says in bold reddish: 08:00 - 11:00
However, in the grey area underneath it says:
[12/06/2016 08:06 to 12/06/2016 11:06]

I have chosen nl als the language, the time format is d/m/Y H:m and the Show Intenational Dates is unchecked.
I run CMS Version 1.7.8

When I click the event to change something it comes back with the time 08:06 (six minutes ahead) in stead of 08:00


Could you try to change your date format to d/m/Y H:i

What you have H:m the m will show numeric representation of a month - since it’s June, it’s 06 :slight_smile:

That worked, thanks very much.