In store music with xibo

Hi xibo folks,

With xibo you bring visual experience to stores, restaurants, public ect.I have a question, is it possible to bring sound experience as well ? For example, we have windows player with HDMI and audio output. HDMI we use for visual experience, audio we use for music from playlist. Music playlist is stored on sever and on client (same logic like layouts) so it can play music while show content on screen.
The best experience would be, if we can connect music with layout in order to play specific sound in store when layout is displayed on screen.

Just idea which I ready to pay :wink:

Hi Mahir,

At the moment it’s not quite possible to achieve what you want with Xibo.
But please have a look here:
Look for companies that might be able to help you with paid for custom development, and then contact one of them about your idea for new feature.

Best Wishes,
Spring Signage - Support Engineer

@Peter perhaps we can log this as a feature request too.