In API, a layout can acquire only ten items among all items

Hi everybody.
I’m using xibo-cms 2.0.4

I wanted to acquire a list of layouts in following API (a,b),
but noticed that only 10 items (ten top by name order) were displayed either.
(a) /api/layout
(b) /api/campaign?isLayoutSpecific=1

It is displayed when I specified layoutId and campaignId about the item which is not displayed.

Do I forget any setting?
I look forward to hearing from you.

(Sorry for lack of my English skill ! )

You can pass start and length parameters with your GET call, the default is indeed first 10 items, but you can change it per call.

Please see the Paging section of this doc -

Hello. Peter.

I overlooked it.
By the method that you taught, I confirmed the thing that could work according to intention.
Thank you very much!