In 1.8.12 there is no Version info topic in Raw display menu

Just updated fron 1.8.11 to 12 release.
There is no Version information topic in the raw display menu. What could be the problem?
Player versions menu shows no data. Advise please how to handle remote player version update.
Thank you in advance.

Version is shown correctly for me.

You may need to clear your browser cache, and then go to Column Visibility and enable the Version column there.

Player upgrade procedures are covered in the manual. If you’re using Android or webOS Players, you can upgrade directly from the CMS in most cases. If you’re using Windows, you’ll need to upgrade each Player individually.

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We use Android players. Colunm visibility is ok - I can see the current versions of players. But in the raw menu there is no Version info topic under Permissions. That is the case :slight_smile:

It has moved to the Display Settings profile. See:

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Thank you for the hint. Will study it out.

Dear Alex!

I went through instruction you gave.
Uploading .apk in Player version has no correct result: I can see in Media all uploaded .apk’s but in Player version or in any other places see “No results”
Here is Media screenshot:

Here is Player versions screenshot:

Here is Display Settings:

Any idea?

You’ll need to upload the APK you want to the Player Versions screen as the instructions I linked you to say. Files in the library won’t work any more.

If you’re still able to upload APK files to the library, you’ll want to remove them from the list of valid extentions in the modules page for Generic File.

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Dear Alex!
Have done all as you’ve said. Everything is working fine! Thank’s a lot!