Improve CMS - how far can I customize my CMS?

Hey guys! All right with you? I hope so!

Here is my question:
How far can I customize my CMS and still keep it compatible with Xibo support? (For example: migrations, bug fixes, etc.)

What can I NOT change about the structure of the Xibo CMS?

Can I change the content of the files, but keep the same file names?

@dan my dear friend, can u help me with this question?


Hello, that depends of your type of installation.

For a total custom deployment in a IIS / Wamp-Xampp / Apache environment, the support service is very limited. It’s normal because tons of possibilities in server configs, OS, comportments, libraries etc… that make assistance a little bit harder and longer than usual to isolate some errors which for the most part will be due to the environment but not to the application itself. Xibo technical teams prefer to stay within their scope of action and guide us on deployment.

If U want to keep some support we recommand to deploy under Docker environment or use the cloud installation provided by Xibo team.

The best way is obviously the Cloud solution, if an error occurs, they can investigate immediatly in their own environment.

You can customize the interface to make it look like you want, however, modifying behaviors and interdependencies can cause operational issues.
Do not forget that during updates some files will be overwritten and will return to their default version.

This does not prevent you from modifying EVERYTHING, however the more deeply you will modify, the less technical services will be able to follow you in case of a problem.

Hope that should help U.

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