Importing some layouts from CMS 1.7.9 to 1.8.1 fails

I’ve got layouts in CMS v1.7.9 containing videos. Exported them to ZIP fles, and trying to import them to 1.8.1 fails with “Internal Server Error”. Simpler layouts with just pictures and text import fine.
I also had a layout containing datasets, exported it in 1.7.9, but importing it in 1.8.1 looses the dataset, although I checked the option to import the dataset.

Datasets aren’t exported from 1.7.9 so they won’t be available to be imported in 1.8.1, so that explains that.

How is your 1.8.1 CMS setup? Docker or something custom? What is in the CMS logs when your import fails?

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1.8.1 is in a docker freshly deployed on Ubuntu as described in your howto (installed 1.8.0+upgraded to 1.8.1).
In CMS, Advanced > Log table is empty.

Situation got worse if I added multiple ZIPs at once to import layouts, red text appeared after a while below each upload informing about server errors, like SQL deadlock error, internal server error and such. Unfortunately didn’t took a screenshot, but I lost all the layouts from the system, including those which were newly created manually on 1.8.1. So I started from a fresh docker, this time trying to upload zips one by one, but still, a file 141 MB in size triggers the error. It’s not an overcomplicated layout, just a fullscreen region with a video file in it.

Here’s one example of failing imports:

Thanks for that. I’ve tried importing it here and I get the same (which is what you’d expect as we’re running identical environments now).

What’s happening is the PHP memory limit is being hit. Dan is looking at why that is for you now.

It is indeed the size of the ZIP causing the problem, as it is trying to load the whole thing into memory, there is a fix contained in the above issue which will be released in 1.8.2

There’s another issue which I mentioned, importing multiple large zips at once also produce different errors than the single upload. Don’t know if it’s related to this, but just to make sure please find some more zips here:
Try importing these together with the one I’ve sent you earlier.