Import layout from 1.8 CMS to 1.4 CMS

Hi all,
is possibile import a layout in a 1.4.2 version CMS from 1.8? I can’t find the option for to do this.

thanks in advance!

I’d have to say no, no matter in what direction you’d want to do that - as I don’t think there was an option to export/import your layout in 1.4 series or 1.6 for that matter.

Import/export of layouts will work only between and in 1.7/1.8 series.

I imagined :frowning:
The company I work for, uses version 1.4.2 and my tests were made on version 1.8.
It means I have to do it again.
Thanks a lot for the answer

Alternatively, consider updating the CMS from 1.4 to 1.8 perhaps?
It would need to be done in steps, first to 1.7 series and then to 1.8 series.

1.4 CMS is very old now and upgrade should be the way to go forward - at least to 1.7.9.