Import does not work very well

Hi you all.

I have converted the older files from Xibo to the new environment. This is from the old XIBO. Different layout and more. How can I quickly adjust things?
Now I get this message. Oh yes, and in the new situation I am completely new.

This Layout is Published and cannot be edited. You can checkout the Layout for editing below, or continue to view it in a read only mode.

How can i edit this?


Thank you for your message and welcome to the Community. Please provide the following information:

  • What was the old version of Xibo CMS you were using?
  • Can you explain what you did step by step when you say I have converted the older files from Xibo to the new environment.
  • When you see the message that states This Layout is Published and cannot be edited. You can checkout the Layout for editing below, or continue to view it in a read only mode. You then need to click the Checkout Button so that the Layout can be edited. You will find the Checkout button as shown in the below image:

If this box has been closed, you can also find the Checkout button by clicking the Actions option at the bottom of the Designer. You can see it in my screenshot below:

Once you select Checkout, you can now edit your Layout. Once you have completed the changes, you will need to click the Publish Button to confirm the changes. You will see this in the bottom right corner of the designer, it’s a Green button with a Tick:

Many Thanks.

Until recently I worked in the old XIBO environment. Now I know how to work, but many questions keep coming.
I always create a fixed background that I use as a basic layout. In the old version I could place new regions in it. The template was then ready, including the RSS feed and more. I was able to store that base and process it without having to do a lot of extra work on it. How can I do that now?
And how can the size of the font in the ticker be adjusted?

Than Import!
I have done importing everything with the export and import module. I have uploaded all zip files and that’s it. But many photos are no longer in the pages or have even disappeared.


Thanks again for your reply, I can appreciate there are many changes which will take some time to adjust to.

You can indeed create a Template in Version 2 of CMS. If you already have a Layout from your previous CMS, you can import it into your CMS or you can create a new Layout. Once you have set it up as you would like it to be for your Template, Publish the Layout in the way I described in my previous message. Once the Layout is Published, you’ll see in my Screenshot previously when I was showing you the Actions option that the 3rd option is Save Template:

Once you have saved the Layout as a Template you can go to the Template menu option in your CMS to view and manage them.

If you want to use the Template, simply create a new Layout but choose the Template from the menu option when first setting up the Layout:

Regarding the Font size in your Ticker, you can change that in 2 different ways. Whichever way you choose, you will first need to select the Template you plan to use (I’ll use Title Only for to demonstrate):

Now Tick the Override the Template box, you will see a change to the preview window to the right of the Edit Ticker window, it should have a small box with a pen inside icon:

Click that Icon and now the Preview Window will reveal the Ticker text editor:

The editor itself should be familiar to the one in CMS Version 1.8. Remember to save your changes or they will not be retained.

The second method is after you have ticked the Override the template box, instead click the Template tab in the Edit Ticker window and choose Main from the menu. You will now see a button named Visual Editor, if it is set to ON, simply click to set to OFF. Now you will have a stylesheet you can use to adjust the Font and other elements too:

Many Thanks.

I just saw the part in your message about the Import not containing the Images it used to, this is quite unusual.

What Version is your CMS and what version did you use before?

Also how were the images added to your Layout? using an Image Widget or a Dataset?

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan.

Some photos simply aren’t in it. The previous xibo version ran on our own server and now want everything on an updated xibo server. I think the version was 1.8 …
Now we use the most recent server version of your cloud. Maybe something just went wrong while zipping it.
The old version also had extensive options for weather, we cannot find them now either.
The overlapping of text and photos is also quite difficult.
Maybe we went to the new version too quickly.

To be honest, the videos are outdated and the descriptions are very limited.
But that is not a criticism, just a comment.
Furthermore, thanks for your effort, we appreciate :slight_smile:

Thank you for letting me know, I must admit it is hard to say what may have occurred that stopped all of the images being included in the exported Layout. I’m sorry to hear you experienced this issue.

You should find that the Weather templates are the same in Version 2 CMS, you can access the templates under the Templates tab on the Edit Weather window for your Widget:

You are correct that the tutorial videos all refer to older versions of the Xibo CMS, my apologies. I believe that new tutorials are being created, I don’t have a release date for this at moment.

In the meantime, the manual pages have been updated to Version 2, I would recommend using these in the meantime for more information. I provided a couple of links below but there are many more you can access:

Many Thanks.

I appreciate your effort enormously but I have quite a few imports. The problem is that photos are not accessible, disappeared or cannot be edited. A campaign is in 1280 * 720, everything disappeared during the import. Photos are everywhere and others are gone. I think it’s good that I’m going to make a ticket.