Import broken in 1.8.9

I was having an issue with 1.8.7 where I had thousands on ticker files clocking up my screens, decided to export the offending layout and delete it from CMS.
I also decided to upgrade to 1.8.9, this all went well until I tried to import the layout, the upload fails saying
’The name must be between 1 and 100 characters’
I have a name in the box, I tried to import another random layout, same issue, so now I’m stuck without my main layout.

This looks like a bug :frowning:
Can anyone advise?

If you’re seeing this error, then it’s not about layout name, it is most likely about media name.

Could you send me your layout via private message please? I will have a look at the .zip archive and try to import it to my local CMS.

I’m having this same issue when trying to import a 1.7.4 layout with library files named like main_lobby_tr_09.jpg. into my new xibo 1.8.11 setup.
I can provide a copy of this layout to you if needed.