Images in dataset don't show up

Good morning everyone,
I’m using Xibo V4.0.3. When I create a dataset with images (Library images), all its content displays correctly except for the images. They are not even inserted into the player library. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks for your help!

Hi @maagli , and Welcome to the Xibo Community!

Please can you upgrade your CMS to the latest version Xibo CMS 4.0.12 released and then let us know if the issue persists?

Please can you also tell us the type/version of the player you are using?

Good morning Frazer.
I have installed the latest CMS version 4.0.13, and a new problem has appeared. The widgets are not displayed in the client
they are displayed correctly in the preview but not in the Windows player.

Which version of the windows player are you using, please?

i’m using R 402.1 version

Good Morning community !
any new suggesstions for the problem , please ?