Images for datasets

is there a way to add images to a dataset, to reinforce the message of said dataset, as I would like to setup a charity data set so teacher can add their charity event and I think having an image to go along with it would be nice, as currently I have to request the information from staff, and used jpgs to create the messages, so I set a image going for 1 week before the event which is fine but though that If I can add a image to that event I think that would be great

in short addition of a image to data sets would be a great feature, that might just be me.

Yes there is an image data type column which you can have in your dataSets.

In 1.7 series you can use external images in dataSet ie url to an image hosted somewhere else
In 1.8 series you can use external images as before and internal images in dataSets (ie images from CMS library).

looks like I need to upgrade to 1.8