Images all gone after running in three weeks (Windows)


I am newbie here and not a programmer either. I have been reading for three weeks now after following the installation procedures. I am working on Windows 7 as a server and have three clients, two Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Yesterday, all the images and videos were gone in the media library. Only the image C1 remains in the library which is the default included in the default layout.

I’ll appreciate any advice.

Thank you.

Hi Pressie,

Is your CMS in 1.7.6 version?
Are your player’s library set to different path than CMS library? (it has to be different)
all time best IT advice, did you try to restart your server?
Is your webserver able to read/write to the library path?

failing that, you might need to go to ‘Report fault’ page, first see if there are any (X) there, then enable debugging, recreate the issue and check ‘Logs’ page for other errors.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your help.

CMS is version 1.7.6
Player’s library are set to different path than CMS library - Yes
Able to read and write - Yes
The webserver turned off every end of the day.
The only "X’’ in Report fault page is the internationalization.
Turn on full auditing and debugging - On
The recreate the Problem in a new window - does not have any button (does it needs to have a button to recreate?)
I tried to collect and save the data and below was part of the log. The directory exists, but the images are not there. That is the images path when I did the installation. Prior to encountering these error, Xibo is running for three weeks. The good thing was, I converted the server from physical to VM a day prior to the error, and when the IT admin restored it in VM, everything works well. So the original web server (the physical, I changed the PC name) is still on the same state.

“2016-02-19 11:03:33”,“module”,"","getimagesize(C:\Users\PPP\Documents\x_library\56.jpg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

Thank again.

Hi Peter,

All the images and videos are all gone again, I was able to do preview layout this morning, but now it is not working. All the images that are present in the library are the layouts only. Those images that I’ve used in the layout are still on ‘X’ status when I click filter-show thumbnails and not found in the images directory (C:\Users\PPP\Documents\x_library). I can only see the images of the layouts and the C1 image which is part of the default layout.

Everyone has Read/Write access to x_library.


Something is deleting your files from C:\Users\PPP\Documents\x_library and its probably not the Xibo CMS. The path you are using looks suspiciously like a path that the player would use rather than the CMS, which would usually be configured in the www folder of the web server you are using.

The player WILL delete files that it doesn’t recognise in its own library folder - which is why they must be on separate folders and of course ideally separate machines.

Thank you. Dan.

I have Xibo Library and x_library both in CMS server and player. I think it happened after I configured the maintenance script in task scheduler. I’ll check it out, recreate the layouts, and see what will happen.

Thanks again.