Image Unique to the Player

Hi, I’m just starting to check out Xibo to see if it will do everything we need it to do for us. I’ll probably have a few other posts in the future and I hope y’all can help me out.

We have a bunch of displays located in different hotel lobbies and we would like to have the logo’s of each hotel displayed in the corner of the players. I don’t want to create a new layout for each hotel lobby, so is there a way to set an image to be unique to the player on a layout?

Also I’m running Xibo 1.8.3 Server and Player.

in that case, you must design a template for your layout, then you can either embed the logo in the template design as permanent or when you to design a layout, use this template as your background then place a region at conner for only the logo

You can potentially use an overlay layout to overlay the image on top of your other layouts.

You’d then schedule the logos as overlays “always” per display, and your regular content as normal.

Keep in mind the Windows Player doesn’t support overlapping regions well, so you’d be best to leave the area where your logo will appear clear.

You can use web page in the region and change content/image according to display ID.

This method required a little bit changes in source code.


Almond Wong

Thanks for your replies, I’m gonna give them a shot and I’ll let you know if they work for me.

I’ve setup the overlays, and it seems to work for us. Thank y’all for the help!

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