Image get blank when Video change


Currently we use android as our player.
When we try to play video side by side with image at two different region (left side and right side),
there is something bugging us, that region with image get blanks for few seconds when region with video change to another video,
and region with image back to showing again after the next video get showing.

After we through a few several test, we have the assumption,
that’s only happens when video region playing over image region.
So it solve but only when region with video inside have been set as deeper layer than region with image.

But it will be different story,
if we try to mix the content for both region with video and image.
When we put video and image into both region timelines,
we will meet the blank issue when video change to another video, have affect to other region

So how we could solve this issue ?

Thank you

You need to ensure that “Use a SurfaceView for Video Rendering?” is unticked in the CMS Display Settings Profile assigned to the device, assuming that your device supports playing video in Texture View.

If you’re using the DSCS9 from our recommended list, or any other Amlogic chip, then you must be running Xibo for Android 1.8 R103 to do so.