Image Duration for a user in not editable

Hi… iam running Version 1.7.7. I have created a user given him access to upload images and create layouts. When he upload images he can tell the Duration of the image, but he can not change it later, under image edit.

The admin user are able to do that… What should access should i have to the user so he can edit this setting ?


So in 1.7 series editing duration on media files that are not owned by current user are enabled only for super admins.

If your user uploads new media files, then he will be an owner of that file therefore he will be able to adjust the duration.
If other user assign view/edit permissions to his own file to your user then that user will not be able to adjust the duration.

In 1.8 it’s different, with edit permissions, user can adjust the media durations without issues.

Thanks Peter… the media is upload by the user him self… and still not able to edit after upload… he can change the duration will first time upload…


That would be strange.

If user uploads an image then that user is the owner of that media file and he should be able to edit the duration of it - at least that’s what I get when I tested this for you.

I’m fairly sure nothing has changed regarding that between 1.7.7-1.7.8 so it should be the same for you.

Could you let me know the exact menu/page permissions your user has so I can try to recreate it and perhaps tell you what have you missed?

I did edited once a file


maybe that is causing this…