Ignoring failed RTSP


Actually, if there is a rtsp in any region in a layout and it fail to load, the whole layout will be played as a full blackscreen.

Detecting if any item in a region fail and just ignore it instead of making the whole layout to fail will be awesome!

I’m not sure what is happening for you - but it shouldn’t be happening that way. The region should simply be skipped. Depending on the error the layout might be removed from the schedule as a result - but none of those things should result in a permanent black screen.

Pleas can you let us know what player version you have and whether there are any error messages recorded in the Player Status screen?

Hi Dan,

Player version is the Android R61 with 1.7.8 CMS.

No errors on the Status.

Does that particular stream ever work? I’m surprised it can’t decode the stream and yet doesn’t error.

Can we access the stream?

@Peter if we can access the stream perhaps you could give it a go?

Its a local stream but I can open it in the router. Give me some time and will PM you the address

Sorry, I’ve not forget this and I still have the problem but Im really busy now. Will try to start again with this as soon as possible!!!


I finally ended using a shoutcast stream instead the rtsp one. With the shoutcast stream works perfect!

Hi All - I’m having this exact same issue - I have an RTSP stream that is local to the Xibo Client box (LIVE TV Stream) - I am using a StarTech USB HD Video Capture Device, and I can using their software (Stream Catcher), I can stream the feed, and play it on VLC locally (rtsp:// as well I can play it on another VLC player across the network using that player’s IP address in place of the local IP. The trouble is that Xibo will not display the stream, and in fact, yes the entire screen displays black - all the other regions on the layout are not displayed. I have noticed this behavior previously playing other types of media - if there is something wrong with that file / region / etc, the entire display is black - no info as to which is the issue.

Any help making this work would be appreciated - I don’t have the option of playing a different stream, I need this LIVE TV stream to work. Thank you in advance

Hi Everybody!

This issue keeps happening in 1.8 R102. The Device is a MINIX X7.
When it cant play the stream (only the device know why) the whole layout is played in black screen.

How can this be solved? I know there are now AUDIO widgets, but we want a more dynamic music for the non-videos layouts and not playing every time the same music.

Thanks and sorry for resurrecting this post :stuck_out_tongue: