I have a Xibo CMS version 1.8.13 dashboard installed on an Apache server

CMS Xibo

Player Android 1.8


The panel works correctly, however when I try to put the Xibo Player Android 1.8 to connect to the panel by https, that is:

It doesn’t work, it shows the message unable to connect to that CMS addres.

More if I put the domain in a browser, it falls on the login screen of the panel normally.

Now when I try to connect using the link:


It connects normally. I did another test where I put the android player on a TV with Android TV and then it doesn’t connect in any way either port http or https.

Another test I performed was to host the cms in another shared hosting, in this new hosting, the player works both for https and http on androidtv and on Android TVBOX.

So probably the error can be in the hosting that I set up. My question is what may be happening that generates this problem, how can I get Log errors to find out why it doesn’t connect to android tv via http and connects via tvbox.