I can't use Clock Widget

First of all, Hello! I’m new in Xibo, I started to see what I can do with the CMS.I’ve encountered a problem while creating a simple Layout. i added a new region then i Clicked on the Widgets clock button on the bottom toolbar and added the clock widget to the new region. till know everything seems fine except it shows as per below

and when i choose to toggle full screen mode

Finally when i click Open sit in new window it open another window and show the clock

any Help to run the clock widget inside my layout!

I suspect it’s because of your SSL setup. Firefox is preventing the embedding of an http page in https.

That’s likely because the CMS doesn’t know it’s running with SSL - probably because you’re not passing through to it the X_FORWARDED_PROTO header set appropriately from your reverse proxy.

Ideally you want to be using a properly signed certificate as no Players will connect to a CMS with SSL on an IP as they don’t validate.

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